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Total Koi Co. are the manufacturers of Sho-Koi Impact® Koi Food with the immunosupportive ingredient AquaGen®. They are also one of the newest advertisers on the website.

Aquagen® has been employed in Europe for several years now in various products and under various names for human and animal use. It appears that Total Koi was the first organisation in America to incorporate the Aquagen ingredient into the manufacture of aquacultural feeds. What a resounding success it has been!

Sho Koi Impact® food is available in the US and the UK from numerous sources. Impact is recommended based on it's price whi

ch is thrifty, and its unique packaging is also noteworthy.

Sho Koi Impact® is packaged in a resealable, soft-sided package. There's a handle at the top of the bag which makes carrying it a snap! Best of all, the food is formulated and milled exclusively by personnel at a predominant animal-feed manufacturer with a speciality in aquacultural feeds.

Impact® is an excellent feed, and Fishdoc would encourage all visitors to consider this diet most highly when they are considering the purchase of a food for their fish.

Here are some links which should make your acquaintance with Sho Koi Impact® most convenient:

LINK: Sho Koi Impact® home page

LINK: Learn about Impact® at work in other feeds / products

LINK: Sho Koi Impact® at retail in the US ( ( (

LINK: Sho Koi Impact® at retail in the UK

LINK: Sho Koi Impact® at wholesale in europe. (Alternate)

To contact Sho Koi:


or, call them toll free at:

Thank you for your support, Total Koi Co!




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