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I am pleased to announce that via a coordinated effort with friends in the United States, has found its final advertising sponsor in the form of


Mr. Thomas Holder operates this web site and purveys Koizyme to the US hobbyists. Koizyme is available in the UK under a different trade name, which is Genesyz.

Koizyme and its UK homolog, Genesyz can be applied to inhabited ponds and bodies of water to compete with and finally eliminate the pathogenic bacteria which contribute to Ulcer Disease.

Research here and in America has proven again and again that the product is very effective for its stated purpose. Aeromonas is eliminated twice as fast as Pseudomonas, but after the first six weeks, neither pathogen was found in measurable amounts.

Fishdoc's visitors should seriously consider Koizyme or Genesyz in their ponds if they would like to avoid Aeromonas or Pseudomonas difficulties.

LINK: Koizyme home page

LINK: Koizyme at retail in the US (Dealer List) ( (

LINK: Koizyme wholesale

LINK: Genesyz at retail in the UK

LINK: Genesyz wholesale

*Koizyme (US) and Genesyz (UK) are exactly identical in composition. Simply their branding differs between the US and the UK.




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