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AquaDyne Filtration System

Important new technology for filtration


Related Topics is pleased to be among the many progressive information-web sites which would like to bring a new type of filtration to your attention. This kind of filter is at the centre of many of the American's pond systems and is doing wonders for their water at a reasonable price and in a nominal amount of space.

This filtration system uses bouyant plastic beads which compact together and present an effective barrier to the passage of solid wastes, thereby functioning in the capacity of mechanical filtration. Eventually, the beads are colonised by beneficial bacteria which reduce ammonia and nitrite into relatively harmless nitrate, which is the biological filtration capacity of the filter.

Aquadyne bead filtration systems stand out from the rest because the manufacture offers a considerable (owner's life time) warranty and the internals of the product are entirely unlike any other bead filter on the market today.

Please avail yourself of the following important links when familiarising yourself with the AquaDyne bead filtration system.

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